A downloadable game for Windows

Avoiding, or even recognizing and understanding microaggressions can be hard, as is evidenced by many people who are unable to do it or even accept the concept.

(Estimated playthrough time: 10-15 minutes)

For all those (and for myself, as the first step of my career, the "make anyting" one), I've made this little game. It's very simple and light-hearted, primarily a tool for training politically correct interactions, and an experiment in storytelling.

If you want to learn more about this tiny project, and (more importantly) about the upcoming real nice game I'm working on, visit my homepage.

Install instructions

So far the only available version is an executable for windows, compressed into .rar archive. Just download, unpack, and play ;)

I might do a Linux+MacOS build later, however I've got nowhere to test those.


Microaggression Simulator.rar 16 MB